All About Me.

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I am a  retired Mum and Granma. I have two sons, a Down’s Syndrome Daughter and three Grandchildren two boys and a girl.  I live in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.  A few years ago, I had a heart attack so I do like to keep myself fit by walking as much as possible. I am also a self confessed Geek.

My interests are my Grandchildren, keeping fit, computers, Av equipment, reading, blogging, new technology, photography and also playing role playing games.

I’m to be found all over the place on the Internet, on Twitter, on flickr, on YouTube, and I also blog on Blogger.

My favourite reads are fantasy novels and murder mysteries, especially where forensics are part of the story. 

I like to be helpful to others if I can, and although I am still a learner myself at new technology, because I’m now a ‘senior citizen’  and I am well aware of how daunting a task it can be to learn something new as you get older, I love to do how-to’s to help others get to grips with it all.


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